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We meet in a private space in a hotel at one of four locations in the UK. No interruptions, no likelihood of being seen by anyone you wouldn’t want to be seen by. Our day is all about you.  Lunch and refreshments are all taken care of whilst you and I get clarity about you and you divorce. By the end of our day together, you’ll have strategies in place to get your divorce on and get your happy back. You’ll know how to take care of yourself emotionally, where you’re at with your finances and how to communicate what you want and need so you feel in control of your life again.

Clarity is the package for you if you want to get things moving and take your life back.

With the average contested divorce costing £8-£10k each, its important that you get clarity about where your at, what you want and what’s possible for you just as soon as you can. Instead of letting your legal fees rack up, getting clarity will save you at least £6,000 and most probably a whole lot more. Your divorce will be over quicker and you’ll save your sanity.

What’s included:

  • 30 minute introductory call to get Clarity on what you need, book a date and a town. Location will be notified to you via email at least 7 days in advance of our agreed date. The price for an on location meet is £2000. 
  • If you prefer, our meeting can take place virtually.
  • A list of all documents I made need you to bring will be sent to you via email so you come prepared.
  • One Clarity day of bespoke coaching.Which includes 6 hours of focused coaching.
  • All refreshments and lunch are included.
  • A written summary of our day together outlining any action points needed, referral to further specialists such as IFA if needed.
  • A further 90 minute call 28 days after our Clarity day.
Emma Heptonstall Divorce Coach The Smart Womans Divorce Guide

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