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Relax, you’re not alone – The Absolute Academy is here

Do you;

  • Feel overwhelmed or scared?
  • Feel out of control?
  • Tell yourself you can’t do this?
  • Bury your head in the sand?
  • Hope that someone will do your divorce for you?
  • Worry that you’ll spend thousands without getting anywhere?

Would you like to;

  • Feel confident?
  • Feel in control?
  • Tell yourself you can do this (because you really can)?
  • Understand what you need to do and when?
  • Take action to move forward?
  • Save thousands of pounds?

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Emma Heptonstall

The Divorce Alchemist is the author of How to be a Lady Who Leaves. A recovering lawyer Emma is now a practising family mediator and divorce coach for ladies who want to make smart emotional and financial decisions on divorce. Emma has featured in the national and international media and works with ladies around the world supporting them with their decision to divorce and throughout the process.

How you are feeling is a rollercoaster and most of us don’t know how to do this stuff!

Emma does. She gets it. She will get you.


Emma has been brilliant. From the moment I realised that my marriage was over, I have been terrified, mainly because I had no idea what to do next or how much it was going to cost me.

Having been a stay at home mum, I didn’t have the safety net of my own income. Not only has Emma saved me a small fortune by avoiding unnecessary solicitor visits, but she has also equipped me with the knowledge I need and the confidence to drive things forward and to ask for what I really want.

Emma does this with patience and good humour, even when you are losing it and you feel like your world is ending. If you are questioning the cost, don’t! She is worth every penny and pays for herself in the money she saves you and the voice of sanity she brings amidst the chaos.

Do yourself a favour and have a chat with Emma. 



You don’t have to use a solicitor for every step of your divorce. You may not need one at all. Did you know that you can apply for divorce yourself? Did you know that with support, an experienced lawyer and coach you can make strides in your divorce without running up huge legal bills?

It’s time for you to join the growing numbers of women who are taking back control of their divorce and doing it differently. 

Just think what that will do for your confidence…


What’s included with your Absolute Academy membership?

Monthly live trainings and exclusive content

Monthly trainings on topics that you need to know about. From creating a divorce plan to using Family Mediation, preparing for court and managing communication, you get the opportunity to suggest training topics right for you. Access to the 8 week Get Divorce Ready self-study portal including an additional 5 hours of video trainings and a 95 page workbook to take you right through the divorce process.

Weekly Live Q&A

Weekly live Q&A sessions so you can join, ask the questions you have and learn from the questions the other ladies have – expanding your knowledge and increasing your confidence!

Weekly Zoom Wednesdays from 8:30-10pm. Come and join the chat!

Private Facebook Group

A secret Facebook Group where you can connect and share in a private and safe space without fear of judgement or shame. Get support from other ladies just like you.

Member discount on paid services

Enjoy a member discount on Emma’s other paid services whilst being a Club member. 20% discount on all online or 1:1 programs (excluding Voxer) with Emma Heptonstall, the discount can support you whether you need the self-study or 1:1 coaching.

Join The Absolute Academy, Today! Only £197/month

How do people divorce without you?


Working with Emma has been a hugely positive experience and saved me a stack load of cash – I’m only now instructing a solicitor, as we near the end of our divorce process.

Emma’s so gifted at holding space for the huge emotional rant every time it gets difficult, and then somehow managing to understand where we are both coming from, and helping me to put together my calm, rational response in a way that will be well received by my ex.

I genuinely do not know where I would be without her! And she’s now being hugely supportive as I choose a solicitor and as I navigate the last and predictably tricky stage of my financial negotiations. Can’t recommend her highly enough!



Why should I invest in The Absolute Academy?

The Absolute Academy is for you if you are ready to step up and take action. The Facebook community Ladies Who Leaves will be archived on 7th June 2019. It will pop up now and again for special events, the next is in early September 2019.  The Absolute Academy is designed to be a small intimate community where you can learn, share, grow and get your divorce done with ease. I know from experience that when you invest time and energy in your divorce you get it done. It’s that simple.


How does the online portal work?

On joining The Absolute Academy, you’ll receive log in details to the online portal on software called Membervault. All the live Q&A sessions and training recordings are held here as well as extra bonus content and challenges.


Is the Facebook Group really private?

Yes. The Facebook Group is secret – this means that only the ladies on the inside know that you’re there and can see what you post.

How long do I have access to the portal?
You have access to all the information contained in the portal for as long as you are a paid member of the community. Once your membership ends, your access to the portal information will also end.
How does the discount work?
Whilst ever you are a member of The Absolute Academy, if you want to access any of Emma’s other services such as the self-study programme, Get Divorce Ready Group programme or her 1:1 coaching, you will receive a 20% discount on all packages (excluding Voxer only packages).
What does the membership cost?
Membership is just £197 per month, that’s every 30 days. There is a minimum 4-month membership requirement to ensure that you get the best out of your time here. After 4 months, you may cancel at any time. Membership is not intended to be forever – just as long as you need it. Once you have your D36 (Decree Absolute), we invite you to fly!

Join The Absolute Academy, Today! Only £197/month

I had no idea where to begin after my husband left.  To be honest, at first, I did nothing. Then I heard about Emma’s website for women going through a separation. I read it from start to finish then immediately signed up. 

Emma has been so supportive throughout my separation. She has helped me find the confidence to begin divorce proceedings without the need for a solicitor and therefore has saved me a lot of money. Not only that, she helped me to realise that it was ok, in fact, it was vital, to wait till I was ready, till I was capable of dealing with everything clearly, not emotionally. To get to that point was understandably difficult but Emma guided me through, helping me to deal with the emotional side fully so I was prepared to begin my divorce. 

I feel confident and informed in a way I didn’t think was possible without spending thousands of pounds and, even though I’m only at the start of my journey, through Emma, and the other woman I’ve met on this journey, I feel strong and knowledgeable and positive about my future. Thank you Emma x


Emma Heptonstall Divorce Coach The Smart Womans Divorce Guide

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