Hey, thinking about working with me?

You might be if you're feeling lost, overwhelmed and scared, but you know that you need to move forward.

You know that you need to do something, you're just not sure what.

Sound familiar?

Well lovely, you've found yourself here and that's the first, and most difficult step taken. Well done.

Let me ask...

Ever worked with a coach before?

Firstly, coaching isn't like counselling. We won't be rehashing the past  and looking at what went wrong in your marriage.

We'll be starting where you are right now and moving forward. You can work with me in a number of different ways to suit you, your time, your preferred learning style and your budget.

Coaching is an emotional and financial investment to yourself,  and it's important that you're ready to make that investment in yourself and your future.

Perhaps you're thinking of working with me because you've downloaded my Smart Woman's Divorce Checklist, you're a member of my private Facebook Group Ladies Who Leave or you've got a copy of my Amazon best selling book How to be a Lady Who Leaves.

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If you're the kind of woman who just wants to dig in on her own, and you don't want or need my 1:1 support, Get Divorce Ready online self-study package is for you! You can go right ahead and find out more or buy it by following the link below. You don't need to chat with me, but of course if you'd like to to make sure its the programme for you, you can send me an email using the form below.

The Get Divorce Ready Group Programme runs 3 times a year. If you'd like to find out about hit click the box below for more details and to sign up to the wait list so you'll be first to be notified when the doors open again.

Just like a traditional coach, I offer 1:1 coaching sessions where I combine my skill as a coach with my legal knowledge to help you understand the divorce process, address your own fears, think about what it is you really want and look at the various ways that you can achieve that.

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