Hello, I’m Emma The Divorce Alchemist

If you’re like many of the women  I coach, and others think you have the perfect life, but that’s not your truth, you are absolutely in the right place. It doesn’t matter if you’re a successful woman in your own right, with your own money, a wardrobe others envy or you’re at home with young family and you latte with your girlfriends.

An unhappy marriage is an unhappy marriage. The End.

Divorce is not a dirty word, though it might be amongst your friends and family and that makes it hard. Hard to admit that you want to leave. Hard to take those first steps. I get it.

I know you’ve been dreaming about divorce for weeks, months, or is it years now? You really can’t remember. I know you feel lost, alone and without hope. I know you feel ‘stupid’ because you took your eye off the ball and let your husband manage the family finances. Now you’ve lost your nerve. You go through the motions of family life dreaming of a different future but wracked with guilt that you’re miserable in your ‘perfect life’.

I know you’re tired of ‘trying to have that conversation with your husband about the fact you’ve lost connection with him. He just thinks your crazy. If you’ve been to marriage counselling, any changes were short term and now you’re back to square one.  Am I right?

Here’s what I also know. You can divorce with clarity and confidence, in a calm and child-centred way.


Sshh! Wanna know a secret...?



I'm not divorced.

There I said it.
I'm not married either... yet!
The truth is, that's not relevant. It wouldn't make me better placed to help you if I had been.
You see, no one wants to walk a mile in a pair of Jimmy Choos.
We all prefer to walk a mile in that old comfy pair of trainers that helps us feel stable and grounded.
Stable and grounded.
Does that feel like a life time ago?

Divorce Alchemy... will transform your perception of Divorce


I know, you're sceptical right? But divorce coaching isn’t like talking with a solicitor.


In truth, If you use your solicitor like a divorce coach you will be shocked when you receive the legal bill.  Every six minutes you spend with your solicitor talking about the latest text or email from your husband or the latest argument will cost you.

In divorce coaching I help you manage your emotions. I help you gain the tools to manage your relationship with your husband, To protect your children. To connect with what really matters for you and to help you navigate the legal process,  You need only use your solicitor when you really have to, minimising your legal costs.

Not every divorce is the same. Some divorces are expensive. It depends on your circumstances. In fact most of my clients are shocked at the actual cost of divorce, even when it's an amicable separation. But divorce doesn't have to cost you your future. 

My mission is to ensure that you resolve your divorce as swiftly and as amicably as possible, with the least possible emotional harm caused, for all parties involved. To help you create a new future post-divorce where your divorce doesn't define you. Where you end the divorce process a smart, confident woman setting out on a new adventure. One filled with hope and possibility. 

Together, we can change your future ...


Legal Advisor

For 13 years I worked as a legal adviser. I specialised in working with families dealing with the stress and confusion of relationship breakdown. Experiencing confusion about money and how to manage the children. even when divorce is your decision, is hard.  When you’re unprepared, it’s even harder.

Whilst working in the UK Family Proceedings Court I began to study NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and became a Master Practitioner. Why? I wanted to enhance my communication skills. I wanted to learn how to express my wants and needs in both my professional and personal life.

The results were dramatic. Contested child contact cases that were scheduled for a 5 day hearing were settled in an hour. Purely through the power of communication.

Family Mediator

When Family Mediation was gaining popularity with the government I decided to leave my legal career to focus on Family Mediation. You’ll have to consider Family Mediation if you want a court to make decisions about your finances or your children.

I’ve spent more than 2000 hours with married couples disentangling their lives. I see the emotional impact of divorce on families. Particularly on smart women. Many of whom are overwhelmed with the enormity of their situation.

The ladies who were leaving didn’t imagine their marriage ending with a negotiation.  They weren’t prepared for the emotional impact. They weren’t getting professional emotional support during their divorce. Out of this pressing need to support women, Divorce Alchemy was conceived. 

Divorce Alchemist

I believe that, in the majority of family breakdowns, protracted legal proceedings are totally unnecessary. It causes untold damage to wives, children and husbands. Then there’s the cost. Contested divorces cost thousands.  

Women often come to the divorce process uncertain and confused. They don’t know what to do, or where to start.  They ask friends for advice. They get several different answers. It doesn’t help. They don’t really understand what their lawyer tells them and they don’t understand that they have choices.

My purpose is to help women transform their future. By focusing on what they want and need to build a future life. One that’s built on a successful divorce, making the right decisions at the right time. I coach smart women to feel in control of their situation.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused, even though you made the decision to be a lady who leaves.

Let me help you regain your confidence, find clarity and get you in control of your divorce.

You can start right here

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