What others say …

.. there have been many lightbulb moments!

Being coached by Emma is like having a conversation with a friend, I always feel totally at ease with her.

Emma has a special knack of asking just the right question at just the right time to unlock my constrained thinking and there have been many lightbulb moments!

Emma gets me to think differently, be easier on myself and open up to new ways of perceiving a situation. I always come away feeling uplifted and ready to approach my goal with a fresh perspective.


She didn’t once make me feel
like I was bothering her ..

Emma has helped me in a way I will never forget. I am going through a lot of issues right now with my ex and my own personal family lawyer (my lawyer is not answering any of my questions or communicating with me at all and is making me feel like I’m bothering them). I reached out to Emma with questions regarding my case. She didn’t once make me feel like I was bothering her, in fact, the complete opposite! Because of her, I feel more relaxed and confident going forward with these issues. If you get the chance to work with Emma, PLEASE do not hesitate, her kind heart and open arms will ease you. Thank you again Emma.


.. life changing work with warmth, humour & integrity.

Emma is a coach of exceptional skill. She has a proven ability to deliver transformative, life-changing 1:1 work with warmth, humour and integrity. Highly recommended.

Dr. Henrie Lidiard

INLPTA Master Trainer

.. my bills are lower than anticipated ..

I had a Zoom with my lawyer this afternoon. She said that my bills are much lower than originally anticipated. I explained that’s because I’m using the Absolute Academy and not needing to ask so much advice of her and she was very complimentary about the Academy.


Do yourself a favour
and have a chat with Emma.

Emma has been brilliant. From the moment I realised that my marriage was over, I have been terrified, mainly because I had no idea what to do next or how much it was going to cost me. Having been a stay at home mum, I didn’t have the safety net of my own income. Not only has Emma saved me a small fortune by avoiding unnecessary solicitor visits, she has also equipped me with the knowledge I need and the confidence to drive things forward and to ask for what I really want. Emma does this with patience and good humour, even when you are losing it and you feel like your world is ending. If you are questioning the cost, don’t! She is worth every penny and pays for herself in the money she saves you and the voice of sanity she brings amidst the chaos. Do yourself a favour and have a chat with Emma. 


I genuinely do not know
where I would be without her!

Working with Emma has been a hugely positive experience and saved me a stack load of cash – I’m only now instructing a solicitor, as we near the end of our divorce process. Emma’s so gifted at holding space for the huge emotional rant every time it gets difficult, and then somehow managing to understand where we are both coming from, and helping me to put together my calm, rational response in a way that will be well received by my ex. I genuinely do not know where I would be without her! And she’s now being hugely supportive as I choose a solicitor and as I navigate the last and predictably tricky stage of my financial negotiations. Can’t recommend her highly enough!


I feel strong and knowledgeable
and positive about my future.

I had no idea where to begin after my husband left. To be honest, at first I did nothing. Then I heard about Emma’s website for women going through separation. I read it from start to finish then immediately signed up. 

Emma has been so supportive throughout my separation. She has helped me find the confidence to begin divorce proceedings without the need for a solicitor and therefore has saved me a lot of money. Not only that, she helped me to realise that it was ok, in fact it was vital, to wait till I was ready, till I was capable of dealing with everything clearly, not emotionally. To get to that point was understandably difficult but Emma guided me through, helping me to  deal with the emotional side fully so I was prepared to begin my divorce. 

I feel confident and informed in a way I didn’t think was possible without spending thousands of pounds and, even though I’m only at the start of my journey, through Emma, and the other woman I’ve met on this journey, I feel strong and knowledgeable and positive about my future. Thank you Emma x


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