One to One Coaching

to transform your divorce.


Your divorce is as unique as you are

Imagine you had someone on the end of a call who you knew you could trust, 100%? Someone you could talk through anything with. What the solicitor’s letter means, in human-speak. When and how to tell the children. Why is your soon-to-be-ex being such a self-centred egomaniac?

What peace would that bring? How good would it feel to be calm and confident going to the solicitor’s office, completing the legal paperwork or replying to that rageful email from your soon-to-be-ex?

I offer 1-1 support to give you the focus and attention you need to get on top of your divorce. Whether it’s the security of knowing you’ve got me at the other end of the phone when needed, a day together to go through everything and nail your plan, or simply a one-off to work through a thorny issue, I’m here for you.

Clarity over coffee:

Weekly calls to talk through whatever you need. No subject is off-limits. Whether it’s working through emotions or navigating legal paperwork, I’m there.

Ask the Alchemist

Met a stumbling block in your divorce and don’t know what to do about it? Book a 90 minute call so we can problem-solve together.

Clarity Day:

A day solely for you to work with me on your divorce. You can use this day however you need – we’ll figure it out together and you’ll leave with a huge weight off your shoulders.

I’m here for you.

Emma Heptonstall listening to her client.

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