Clarity Day

Let’s sort your divorce strategy together.

Right now you’re swirling around in the tornado of your divorce.

The conflicting emotions, the ‘what ifs’, the ‘what nexts’, the legal and financial hurdles to navigate.

Divorce is a LOT to manage.

Let’s do it together.

In one day we can untangle the emotions. Separate out the shoulds from the wants and musts. Work out what’s optimal and make a plan for you to get there, as well as equip you with the emotional tools to take care of yourself.

Divorce costs can spiral into tens of thousands if there’s disagreement and you’re unprepared. That’s why it’s so important to get clarity. On average my clients save at least £7000. Not to mention all the time and emotional wrangling you’ll avoid too.

It’s so much more than an action plan. I’ll hold space for you to truly understand what you want from your future, so you’ll leave that much more confident and clear about your divorce.

Peace of mind, a plan and a purpose. That’s priceless. Especially in divorce.

“Emma has been brilliant. From the moment I realised that my marriage was over, I have been terrified, mainly because I had no idea what to do next or how much it was going to cost me.

Having been a stay at home mum, I didn’t have the safety net of my own income. Not only has Emma saved me a small fortune by avoiding unnecessary solicitor visits, but she has also equipped me with the knowledge I need and the confidence to drive things forward and to ask for what I really want.

Emma does this with patience and good humour, even when you are losing it and you feel like your world is ending. If you are questioning the cost, don’t! She is worth every penny and pays for herself in the money she saves you and the voice of sanity she brings amidst the chaos.

Do yourself a favour and have a chat with Emma.”

- Lucy -

How It Works

We meet in a private space in one of four UK locations. No interruptions, no chance of being seen by anyone. It’s all about you and your divorce. You’ll leave soothed and re-energised, with practical strategies to get your divorce sorted and your life back.

The cost for a day together is £2500. If you prefer, we can meet via Zoom.

And you get:

  • a planning call in advance so we can both prepare
  • an email list of all the documents to bring so we can plan unhindered
  • bespoke coaching to support both your emotional and practical issues
  • refreshments and delicious lunch (you will feel looked after!)
  • a follow-up written summary including an action plan and referral to recommended specialists
  • a follow-up 90 minute phone call a month after our day together to keep you on track

Meet Emma, The Divorce Alchemist

Emma Heptonstall is the author of How to be a Lady Who Leaves – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Divorce Ready and a former lawyer. She is a practising Divorce Coach with a specialism in high conflict diversion. Emma has worked with hundreds of women through their divorce: from making the decision to the Decree Absolute. She knows the legal, emotional, and practical landscape of divorce inside out. And she’s here to support you to make the best emotional and financial decisions for you and your future.

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