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Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca Robertson

Financial Advisor

Tedx speaker, award winning business owner, regular media commentator on financial planning, trained over 40 new advisers to the industry, been top of her game in her corporate career achieving top adviser and manager status, with 18 years’ experience she has helped hundreds of clients with their financial needs and is proud to have a 100% satisfaction from clients.

Rebecca is known as the financial planner who is passionate about putting women firmly in control of their finances. She has helped thousands of individuals and families to achieve financial freedom and given them peace of mind that their finances are properly protected in case the worst should happen.

She provides holistic and independent advice to clients, but also gives vital financial planning advice as a media commentator, with regular slots on BBC Radio Kent and in Mortgage Introducer Magazine advising on financial issues particularly in relation to women. Rebecca has also appeared in the Independent’s ‘Women in Finance’ and is a financial expert for the Talented Ladies Club. In addition, Rebecca has won many financial and banking awards for her work with women’s finances.

Evolution Financial Planning was set up by Rebecca as her many years in financial services continually highlighted the gap between men and women when it came to understanding and managing finances. It is Rebecca’s aim to raise awareness of financial issues affecting women and their families, and to put women in the driving seat when it comes to financial preparation.

Through her financial planning business, Rebecca is also empowering women to take the lead in financial services (which is hugely male dominated) with all-female financial advisers growing and building their own successful businesses under the Evolution for Women brand.

In addition, Rebecca is also developing a suite of tools and online programmes designed for women to self-manage their finances competently and successfully. These tools, which include a bookkeeping app, cash management tool and online money management review will be developed in the context of helping women to understand the importance of goal setting in a financial environment, and that regular money management needn’t be arduous or complicated, but is necessary to ensure growth and remaining in control.

Rebecca herself is constantly striving to uphold these values of personal development and increasing her thirst for knowledge as she is in the process of qualifying to become an independent financial adviser who can provide investment and pension planning advice and guidance in addition to mortgage, life and protection advice services.

Ted-X Speaker– Author Evolve – Financial Planning for women

Laura Clapton

Laura Clapton

Family Solicitor & Mediator

Laura Clapton is a Director at Consilia Legal and is a highly experienced family solicitor and mediator having worked in family law for over 8 years. Laura advises and assists individuals in all aspects of private family law with a particular emphasis on mid to high net worth matrimonial finance cases and complex Children Act proceedings.

Laura understands how important it is for an individual to have a strong rapport with their legal adviser and be able to have an honest and open relationship. This is why Laura offers a free consultation to all new clients so that they feel comfortable with Laura’s approach before entering into a professional relationship.

Laura is a committee member and dispute resolution representative of Resolution (North and West Yorkshire). As a member of Resolution, Laura abides by a Code of Practice and is committed to the constructive resolution of family issues and considers the needs of the whole family, in particular the best needs of any children involved.

Laura is known for providing the highest level of client care. Laura takes a constructive and non-confrontational approach to cases, whilst ensuring she is robust and focuses on achieving the best possible results for her clients.

Meetings can take place either face to face, over the phone, by email or through Skype/Zoom. Depending on each person’s personal circumstances, Laura will try to accommodate the client to ensure that regular discussions can take place to progress matters.

For more information about Laura and Consilia Legal, please click here.

Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning

Family Solicitor & Mediator

Clarion Solicitors

Sarah is a senior associate solicitor and accredited mediator at Clarion and is highly experienced having previously worked in family law for over 10 years. Sarah is a member of Resolution which is an organisation set up for professionals who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. Sarah is a keen advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution methods and believes that court should be the last case scenario. Sarah is very child-focused and if children are involved this is Sarah’s primary focus to ensure that their emotional and financial needs are met. 

Sarah has experience dealing with mid to high-net-worth clients of a complex nature and those including overseas assets. 

Sarah has experience dealing with complex children act proceedings which include domestic violence issues, parental alienation, coercive control, and gaslighting, and is familiar with identifying these traits early. 

Sarah qualified as a mediator in 2012 and is also a Director for Family Mediation Association which is a governing body for mediators. Sarah was shortlisted as ‘mediator of the year’ in 2020 at the National Mediation Awards through her work as a mediator.  She prides herself on having a robust approach to family mediation by using her knowledge as a practising solicitor. 

Sarah offers a free initial consultation to all new clients as Sarah believes it is important that both the legal advisor and the client have a good rapport with one another, and the client is both relaxed and has confidence in the advice provided before they proceed.

Sarah aims to be transparent with clients in regard to the legal fees that are likely to be incurred and endeavours to provide regular costs updates. 

If you are not sure if you need a solicitor or want to engage in mediation, Sarah offers a free options meeting to discuss the options available with you in order for you to make an informed decision.

Meetings can take place either face to face, over the phone, by email, or through Skype/Zoom. Depending on each person’s personal circumstances, Sarah will try to accommodate the client to ensure that regular discussions can take place to progress matters.

For more information about Sarah and Clarion, please click here.


Sources of Free Support


The current fee for divorce is £593. If you’re not working, you may be entitled to a fee exemption. You can find out more about that here

You can only get Legal Aid for your divorce in limited circumstances such as domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can be emotional and financial as well as physical. If you think this might be you, contact a local solicitor who has a public funding contract (not all of them do). If you are able to use a lawyer, use one who belongs to Resolution as they are trained and sign a code of conduct to promote settlement without conflict or court. That cannot be guaranteed of course!

If you on a low income or on benefits, you may qualify for legal aid to go to Family Mediation. You can check whether you might qualify here: 

Family Mediation isn’t for everyone but it can be a helpful way to talk with your spouse about settlement options, including financial and childcare arrangements, with the heat turned down. Choose a lawyer mediator if you can as they’ll explain the law to both of you.

If you qualify, mediation will be free for you and your spouse will receive the initial meeting and first session for free too.

You can do the divorce yourself but it’s always important to get a Financial Order so that if in future either of you come into money or die, the other cannot make claims against you or your estate. Only a court can make a Financial Order. Mediation will help you with this.

You will also be able to discuss child maintenance if applicable.

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