Divorce Concierge

When your high net worth marriage just isn’t worth it anymore


You’re living the dream.

A whirl of lunches, social engagements, powerful connections. A wardrobe to take anyone’s breath away.

Every girl’s wish come true. 

Except you know the truth now. That dream comes at a price. You’re on the inside and the inside is hollow. There’s nothing there. No connection. No love in your marriage. You’re not respected for who you are. You’re simply playing a part. And it’s one you can’t stomach anymore.

Your wonderful lifestyle isn’t worth it anymore. You know there’s more to life than this. You’re desperate for that feeling of being alive again. There’s a light flickering inside you that you can’t ignore. 

And you’re right. Put down the ‘what if’s, the ‘what will they say’s, the ‘how will I cope’ thoughts that tornado round your mind for a moment. 

When it comes down to it, you know. You know that nothing is worth giving up your life for. Nothing is worth your sense of self. Your integrity.

You are worth so much more than this marriage. You can be the woman you want to be – the woman you know you are – again. 

Your worth isn’t set by your high net worth marriage

- Laura -

Your marriage is costing you - and that cost is growing

You’re scared of walking away. I get that. Who wouldn’t be scared? You like the lovely lunches, the exclusive access, the holidays, the media attention. Secretly you feel shallow and greedy because you enjoy these things in your life. They make you feel important. You don’t want to let them go. 

And it’s not just the lifestyle. You’re scared of what they’ll say. Whether your whole world will fall apart, friends fall away. Whether you’ll be left with no-one in your corner. 

Most of all, though, you’re scared of yourself. What if this shiny exterior really is all there is? What if you truly are unlovable? That it’s crazy to expect deeper connections with people who truly love you for yourself. What if that’s just not possible for someone like you? 

You can have the life you want

Here’s the truth. You don’t have to choose between that little voice inside telling you it’s time to go and the luxuries of your lifestyle. You can have the life you deserve without fear, or judgement, or having to play the part. 

You can reconnect to the confident, powerful, and yes, loveable, woman that you are. Life can feel like fun again. Not just on the outside – you can feel it on the inside too. 

I can’t promise that things will stay exactly as they are. That you can leave your high net worth marriage and life will carry on just as before. It’s not as simple as that. You may lose people – ones that you couldn’t really trust in the first place. You may lose some wealth. But you can get through this, so you have your own money to spend as you choose. With a financial settlement that gives you a lifestyle you can enjoy. And you’ll have your integrity intact too. Because you know you’re living life in accordance with your choices and values. Not someone else’s.

What is divorce concierge?

Exclusive contact

High net worth divorces are complex. And that means they’re lengthy. You will have low times, just as you’ll have the highs. I’m there with you, privately, one-to-one, through all of it. You have access to me whenever you need so we can get to the heart of your divorce, and even more importantly, your future. Our work together is all about your divorce, your needs, your struggles and your dreams. No distractions. My undivided attention.

Holistic support

Divorce concierge isn’t just about getting the legal and financial side done. It’s about you – all of you. I bring my coaching expertise to help you reconnect to yourself, rebuild your self esteem and reclaim your life. Nothing’s off limits – we can work through all of it together, in confidence, at your pace. There is nothing more important than getting your life back. And there’s nothing like having someone you can trust with complete confidence.

Exceptional service

I am an ex-lawyer as well as an experienced coach and the UK’s only trained High Conflict Diversion Specialist. I have supported hundreds of women through divorce, and know the system inside out. On top of all that I bring access to a network of trusted financial and legal professionals who can provide the specialist expertise you need. If you need confidence that you are making the right decision for you, informed by people at the top of their game, you’re in the right place.

“My biggest fear going through divorce was that I would lose everything. I’d come to realise that my marriage had already cost me myself. I no longer knew who I was. On the outside I had everything and on the inside, I felt I had nothing. I was lost in the life my husband had created. I was paralysed with fear.

Emma encouraged me to believe in myself. She reminded me that I was more than the lifestyle I had been leading. That I could move forward with confidence to manage my life and my money. Emma supported me to reconnect with the woman that I truly am.”

- Annabel -

Are you ready to feel alive again?

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