Ask the Alchemist

Problem solving when you need it.


Every divorce is a rollercoaster

Even if you think you have a handle on your divorce, something will come along and pull the rug from under your feet. And that’s where Ask The Alchemist comes in.

When you stumble, or don’t know which direction to take, I’m here to help.

You can ask me anything (just not legal advice – I’m not your lawyer. I used to be a legal professional, so I can explain things in plain English to you, but I’m not allowed to give you legal advice).

Ask the Alchemist is an in-depth chat with me to get to the heart of an issue in your divorce. It could be anything:

  • what that letter from your ex-spouse’s solicitor means, and what you can do
  • how to communicate with your ex-spouse for best results
  • how to find exactly the right legal and financial team for your divorce
  • how to get a handle on your finances so you don’t jeopardise your settlement
  • how to figure out what you want and need for your independent future

This is not what you get from a solicitor – with me you can get to the heart of absolutely anything to do with your divorce.

And you’ll leave confident you’re making the right decisions for you and your family.

“Being coached by Emma is like having a conversation with a friend, I always feel totally at ease with her.

Emma has a special knack of asking just the right question at just the right time to unlock my constrained thinking and there have been many lightbulb moments!

Emma gets me to think differently, be easier on myself and open up to new ways of perceiving a situation. I always come away feeling uplifted and ready to approach my goal with a fresh perspective.”

- CB -

Coaching by the session,
with no long term commitment:

30 min phone session: ideal if you want some support before or after seeing your lawyer or you want some support on how to find the right lawyer for you. £150.

90 minutes coaching: this can be via telephone, Zoom or face to face if you live in London or Yorkshire. Ideal for getting to the heart of some specific, thorny divorce issues. I’ll send a recording of our Zoom session for you to keep and review as needed. £350

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