The must-read Divorce book

Have You Read ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Divorce Ready’? Its the must-read divorce book if you’re contemplating divorce.

I can’t believe that it’s now 3 years since I released my Amazon best selling book ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Divorce Ready!


In that time, ladies all over the world have downloaded it onto their kindle or received a copy in the post. I have to say, I love being able to go to the post office and send another copy out into the world! To celebrate its third birthday, this blog is all about ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’. We look at how it helps you make decisions. We look at why it’s the must-read Divorce book if you’re thinking about, or going through, divorce.


The must-read Divorce book – a sneak peek


If you want to read an overview of ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’, you can read about it in this blog post I wrote about it in 2017 – there’s no need for me to rehash that here!


The must-read Divorce book- an easy read


I’m not going to pretend that divorce is the easiest or most fun experience you’ll ever have in your life. But what my readers consistently tell me is that this book is super easy to read. It takes a difficult subject and makes it much more palatable! If you enjoy reading my blogs, you’ll love ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ because it’s written in the same style. I really do write as I speak. This reason alone makes it the must-read Divorce book to have on your kindle or in your bag!


I’ve been writing the Divorce Alchemist blog since January 2015. There’s now a significant amount of free content on there. Everything from high conflict to The Form E that you can access at The book brings all the relevant parts of the puzzle into one place, in the right order, with exercises and checklists, to take one stress away as you consider and plan your divorce.



Emma, it’s like you’re with me!


Clients who’ve read the book say that they can hear my voice as they read – I take this as a compliment! It’s also really helpful if you are thinking about working with me. I know that investing in a divorce coach is a big step – feeling confident that your coach will understand you and the process is important. Knowing that we click and work together well is crucial.


So if you want to try before you buy, reading ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ is a smart decision. Accessing the free resources that you can download will enable you to get a feel for what it’s like to work with me, whether you choose to do that 1:1 or through joining The Absolute Academy.



Get Divorce Ready


Getting Divorce Ready is the cornerstone of a successful divorce. Creating a plan before you act if you can is smart. That isn’t always possible if your physical, emotional, or financial safety dictates that you need to go now. The section in the book on domestic abuse (contributed by Nina Farr, an expert on domestic abuse) will support you if you need that advice.


If you are safe and have time, understanding the divorce process and working on your divorce plan before you leave will stand you in good stead. It will save you a huge amount of time, money, and emotional strain in the long run.



Your Divorce Companion


Most divorces take many months – some take a few years. I recommend that you read ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ from cover to cover first. Then go back and read the sections that resonate with you particularly as you need them. Do you need to understand the process? Perhaps your children are struggling right now? Perhaps it’s you who needs some support working with your emotions. The book covers all this, and more.


‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ is designed to be thoroughly used, not left on the shelf. Break the spine if you need to, get your highlighter out and pens, bend the pages, make notes, use bookmarks… whatever you need – just use it!



A gift you can share


One of the loveliest things I hear from ladies who’ve read my book is that they’ve gifted it on to someone else who needs it. That makes my heart truly sing because it means ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ is doing what it was designed to do – helping as many women as possible navigate their divorce. So, if you’ve read the book and you no longer need it, who can you share it with?



A gift shared with you?


Perhaps ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ was a gift shared with you? Perhaps a friend or friend of a friend read the book and now it’s in your possession. Use it. Get as much from it as you can. You can still download the book resources even if you didn’t actually purchase a copy yourself. Follow the link in the book to download audio files and workbooks.


Move forward whether you stay or go


Above all, ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves’ is a book to move you forward. If doubt, fear, and uncertainty are holding you back, this book will help you. It starts with a whole section on helping you decide whether or not divorce is the right option for you right now.


If you decide to stay and work at your relationship, brilliant! You’re ready to stop feeling stuck in an unfulfilling marriage, and start working on making it a fulfilling one again.


If you decide to leave, the book will guide you in communicating your decision. It will also help you begin the process in a way that supports you and your family. Divorce is always going to bring up difficult emotions and decisions. But there are wise moves you can make to ensure it is as smooth, collaborative and peaceful a process as possible – for all concerned, including your ex and any children.



How do I get a copy?


If you haven’t got a copy already, getting your hands on one is easy. You can get it through Amazon both in Kindle and hard copy format. The book is now in its 2nd edition (but there’s little difference between them, mainly the updated title).


A hard copy on Amazon may take a few weeks to come as they are printed on-demand, so check delivery times. If you’d like a copy quicker, you can buy a copy here through me – I post daily via 1st class post with a little gift to say thank you.



Work with me


So you’ve read ‘How To Be A Lady Who Leaves – The Ultimate Guide to Getting Divorce Ready’. You’re ready for action. You want support as you make your next move, either through the whole process, or on a specific issue. What’s next?


There are a number of ways I can help, whether through 1:1 coaching, messaging, or in a group format through The Absolute Academy.


If you’d like to chat about how I can support you in your divorce, you can book a chat with me here.


About Emma

Emma Heptonstall, the Divorce Alchemist is author of the Amazon best selling book How to be a Lady Who Leaves, the Ultimate Guide to Getting Divorce Ready. A former lawyer, Emma is a family mediator and founder of Get Divorce Ready the online self-study and group programmes. Emma has been featured on BBC Radio, The Telegraph, the iPaper and in Marie Claire Magazine. To find out more visit

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