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14th January 2020

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date published

14th January 2020

Co-Parenting on OurFamilyWizard

Co-parenting is a real challenge. Whether you’re recently separated or have been divorced for some time, you know how difficult it can be even on good days. Co-Parenting on OurFamilyWizard can help.

Finding a way to communicate effectively with your former spouse or partner is key to shared parenting. It’s so important to find a method of communication that works for both of you. If email, phone calls, and text messaging isn’t working, you may consider trying something new like a co-parenting app.

Co-parenting apps make it possible for parents to share information and stay connected from separate homes. When choosing the right co-parenting app for your family, it’s essential to look for one that lets you perform a multitude of tasks.  These include share calendars, send messages, distribute documents and more, all from your mobile device.

OurFamilyWizard is one such co-parenting app that offers the best tools to manage all of the above and more!

Co-Parenting on the OurFamilyWizard App

For nearly 20 years, OurFamilyWizard has helped families stay connected and manage day-to-day co-parenting. It provides a neutral, secure space for parents to share information and focus their interactions on family-related topics. Communication and entries made in OurFamilyWizard cannot be deleted or manipulated. This helps to create an accurate log of shared parenting communication.

OurFamilyWizard Features

So what are the benefits of using OurFamilyWizard?


Parents use the OFW Calendar to document parenting time, events for the children, family holidays, and the like.  They use the Time Swap tool to make simple requests to one-off swaps in parenting time. When a request is agreed, the calendar will automatically update to reflect the change, this gives clarity to both parents.

Message Board

The OFW Message Board gives co-parents a secure space to send and receive messages.  This can be between each other, with other family members, or with their family law professionals. Every message is time-stamped when sent and again when first viewed by the other parent. All messages are protected from being lost or manipulated, ensuring an accurate record of communication.

As part of the Message Board, ToneMeter™ helps parents keep communication productive and positive. When composing messages, parents can use ToneMeter™ to review their messages for any phrases that might be received negatively by the other parent. The author will always have a chance to edit their message prior to sending.


The OFW Journal is a space to create a family timeline of special memories, locations, photos, and more. There are two types of entries you can create in the Journal: Check-ins and Moments.

Check-ins allow parents to create a GPS-verified record of their presence at an exact location at a specific time.  Moments are more flexible, allowing parents to record notes, share photos, and tag any location relevant to the entry. Each entry in the Journal has its own privacy setting. These privacy settings allow you to choose to share it with your co-parent, other family members, or any family law professionals that work with you. If you don’t wish to share an entry, you can keep it private for your personal records.

Expense Log

In the OFW Expense Log, parents document child-related spending and payments like child maintenance. Parents assign a category to each expense entry to break down each parents’ total of responsibility towards each cost. Receipt files and photos are attached to each expense, helping to keep all the essential details about a parenting cost in one place.

Info Bank

Need a better way to keep each other informed of details like your child’s clothing sizes and medical histories? The OFW Info Bank helps you keep it organised and available in one central location. Parents can both update this section with details ranging from medical and insurance information to school schedules and allergy lists. Relevant documents such as school reports, court documents, and the like can be stored here.

Additional Features

Beyond these five basic features, OurFamilyWizard offers additional tools to help parents get even more out of the app. These tools include limited access accounts for children or other family members. There is the capability for free access for your family law professionals to work with you directly within the app. The app also allows free PDF downloads and printouts of entries across your account.

By offering a space for co-parents to do more than just send messages to each other, OurFamilyWizard allows parents to streamline communication straight from their mobile device or desktop. To learn more about OurFamilyWizard and create an account for your family, visit

With thanks to the Team at OurFamilyWizard for writing this blog post


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