Divorce: The Back To School Challenge!


Divorce: The Back To School Challenge! is here. It’s not just children who can go back to school in September. It’s a chance for all of us to up our game, try out new interests (evening French classes or kick boxing take your fancy?), and, most of all, prioritise the important things in our lives. A time for learning, up-leveling, and change. 


If your marriage isn’t working, getting on with your divorce (and therefore the rest of your life) has to be top of the list. I know from my years of working with clients the elation they feel when the Decree Absolute comes through. I see how free and empowered they are. No regrets, and life on their terms ahead of them. 


Make it easier


Divorce with the right support around you is undoubtedly easier. It becomes infinitely more doable – what seemed like insurmountable barriers become manageable. That’s not to say it’s easy. Divorce is second only to bereavement in the life crisis stakes – it’s a massive emotional, legal and practical minefield to navigate. But, if you know that your marriage is over, it’s worth it. You get your life back. 


You don’t have to do it alone. Getting support for your divorce makes it much easier. Notice I said easier, not easy! It gives you access to someone who gets it. Who knows that the sometimes crazy thoughts you have are normal. Who knows what a rollercoaster it can be. 


When you have the right support with your divorce there’s someone to pull you up when you’re feeling down or being a Negative Nancy. There’s someone to sound out your ideas and decisions with, and someone who can get you in the right frame to spend your energy on moving your life forward, not tearing yourself into pieces. 


That’s why you should participate in Divorce: The Back to School Challenge that runs all this week. 


Divorce: The Back To School Challenge


Divorce: The Back To School Challenge is all about getting you divorce ready. What does that mean? Well, you wouldn’t embark on a marathon without putting in some training first, making sure you’ve got the right footwear, and having some support around you. Divorce is a marathon – it takes commitment and it needs preparation. Divorce: The Back To School Challenge is the preparation you need to get your divorce off the starting blocks. 


And it’s free. 


You get one email a day over five days. Each email takes you through a key emotional and practical issue to tackle as you get divorce ready. You’ll need to set aside around 20 minutes each day to do the work I share with you. 


You need to commit to this work. 

Twenty minutes a day is a manageable chunk for anybody – and it will likely save you hours in the longer term as it means you’re gearing up for divorce in the right way. You’re getting everything in order. If we go back to the marathon analogy it’s like having a personal trainer give you a fitness and eating plan to get you in peak condition. 


So are you ready to go back to school this September and learn? Are you ready to get your divorce, and your future off the starting blocks? If so, I’d love to see you in the Back To School Challenge! 


Sign up below and let’s get started! 


Emma Heptonstall, the Divorce Alchemist is author of the Amazon best selling book How to be a Lady Who Leaves, the Ultimate Guide to Getting Divorce Ready. A former lawyer, Emma is a practising family mediator and founder of Get Divorce Ready the online self-study and group programmes. Emma has been featured on BBC Radio, The Telegraph, the iPaper and in Marie Claire Magazine. To find out more visit www.emmaheptonstall.com

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