Get Divorce Ready Live January 2020: Is it for you?


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6th January 2020

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date published

6th January 2020

Get Divorce Ready Live January 2020: Is it for you?


Happy New Year! New year, new start. Time to get your divorce done.


I’m excited to share that on Saturday 18th January I’m running Get Divorce Ready Live in London, for the first time ever. In this blog, I explain why I’ve created this event and how it will change things for you this year.


The media will have you believe that today is #DivorceMonday. Divorce Monday is the first Monday after the New Year when allegedly divorce lawyers are swamped with applications from unhappy people! It’s not true of course (divorce applications happen all year round, including on Christmas Day!) but it makes for some free PR for lawyers and divorce coaches like me 😉


Back to reality. It’s the first full working week of the year and Twelfth Night. The festivities are over and moods may well be sombre today. I get it. I’m not a fan of January myself. Its cold, dark and my holiday to Vietnam in March feels like eons away! Motivation is lacking!


Get Divorce Ready Live – what is it?

GDRL is a one day, focussed event to get your divorce ON. This isn’t a ‘bums on seats, pack out the room’ sort of day. It’s for a maximum of 25 participants. It’s practical and interactive. There will be five experts, including myself, available all day to share their knowledge and answer your specific questions. We have conflict, pension, wealth and communication professionals joining us, as well as a session from me coaching you through how to put together your own individualised divorce plan.


Any gaps you have in what to do next, or what to do first, or how to handle x, y, z – they will all be filled by the end of the day. And you get lunch too. Plus you get a new network of other fantastic women ready to make 2020 their year. It’s basically rocket fuel for your divorce. Can you think of a more efficient way to get your divorce on track?


Get Divorce Ready Live – The motivation you need


If you’re lacking oomph and feeling the January blues Divorce Ready Live will get you fired up. You’ll be in the company of like-minded ladies who are experiencing the same thoughts and feelings as you. You’ll be inspired. By the end of the day, you’ll know that you are not alone and that you can do this. You’ll be supported to create a personalised divorce plan so you know exactly what steps you need to take to move things on for you.


Get Divorce Ready Live – The tools to get your divorce done


Divorce isn’t as complex legally (in the majority of cases) as people think. It’s the people in the process that create complexity. Understanding how the process works, the structure and having the ability to communicate it well will make all the difference. Having these tools at your fingertips builds confidence and resilience – two key characteristics that you need to develop to move you through the divorce process. And you’ll come away with an arsenal of communication techniques to keep things moving as you work with your solicitor and respond to your ex.


Get Divorce Ready Live – Your questions answered


When you’re going through divorce, you have so many questions. Get Divorce Ready Live will enable you to get those questions answered, and you’ll get the answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet! How powerful is that? Our guest speakers will be answering questions live at the event to support you to move your divorce forward. No more reading between the lines figuring out what applies to you – get your answers!


Get Divorce Ready Live – creating community


Get Divorce Ready is my online programme that creates community as well as builds knowledge.  When ladies have invested in that programme, they’ve committed to changing how they feel about themselves, their divorce and what it does and doesn’t say about them as a woman, mother, sister and daughter.


Imagine all that self-awareness and support in one room! I’m running this live event to bring ladies like you together because together we are stronger. If you choose, you can create connections and accountability buddies to support you through. I know that the ladies from the very first round of Get Divorce Ready are still supporting each other in their post divorce lives.


Get Divorce Ready Live – Investing in yourself to save money


Investing in yourself can be scary. There’s always something or someone else to spend the money on, right? I get it.


“I really want to spend money on divorce”

…said no one ever. No one does. Not you. Not the lady next door.


Yes, there is always something else to spend your money on. I bet you can think of at least five things right now can’t you? Does that mean you shouldn’t come? No.

There will never be a right time, better time or more appropriate time. If you’re certain you want to get your divorce done this year, this event is your most practical way to leap forward. And, if you’re considering but not certain… Get Divorce Ready Live is the cheapest way to get real answers and explore your options.


The cost of an Early Bird ticket to Get Divorce Ready Live is £197 for a full day at the stunning Allbright Members Club (only invited men are able to enter, so it’s a very safe space) including lunch and refreshments. From 11th January the price rises to £247.


That’s less than you’ll pay for an hour with a solicitor. It’s less than you’ll pay for a session with me. And you get five experts in the room – this is a bigger bargain than you’ll see on any of the high streets this month. Sometimes to save money you need to invest money. It really is okay to do that, and you really are worth it.


What’s really stopping you?


Not sure? Ask yourself, “What’s really stopping me?”


It’s not money that holds us back, usually. When we really want something we find a way, or we justify it to ourselves as being the right thing because of a million creative reasons… yes we’ve all done that, including me.


The real roots of resistance often lie in fear or lack of trust. Fear that it won’t be for you – you won’t take action on the information you’ve been given or fear that you’ll feel alone or stupid. It might be that you don’t trust me, or yourself. Whatever it is, be honest with yourself about it – then you can make a better informed decision about whether Get Divorce Ready Live is really for you – or not. It’s not for everyone.


Who is Get Divorce Ready Live not for?


Get Divorce Ready Live is not for you if you want absolute privacy. It’s a small, intimate event of a maximum 25 guests, so will be a very safe space to ask questions, but if you need or prefer 1:1 then I offer that separately.


The event isn’t for you if your nisi has been granted and you’ve already reached a financial agreement that has been drafted and submitted to court and you are just waiting for it to be sealed. If that’s you – congratulations!


Get Divorce Ready Live isn’t suitable for you if you don’t want to take action. You will get the most out of the event if you know that things need to change – even if you’re not quite certain how, yet. The answers you get on the day will help you decide. But as spaces are limited, I want to ensure they go to the women who are committed to themselves.


If you’re not sure – ask!


If you’re unsure (for whatever reason) whether Get Divorce Ready Live is for you or not, drop me an email and let’s chat. I promise it won’t be a hard sell. With tickets limited to 25, I want the ladies in the room to absolutely be the right ladies, and, if that’s not you this time, I’ll tell you, and if I can support you in some other way, I will.


You can email me here to book a chat.


I hope to see you later this month! Book your space here.

Emma Heptonstall, the Divorce Alchemist is author of the Amazon best selling book How to be a Lady Who Leaves, the Ultimate Guide to Getting Divorce Ready. A former lawyer, Emma is a family mediator and founder of Get Divorce Ready the online self-study and group programmes. Emma has been featured on BBC Radio, The Telegraph, the iPaper and in Marie Claire Magazine. To find out more visit


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