Clarity over Coffee

 If knowing that each week you can have a call with me for a quick 30 minutes helps you feel confident and that you’ve got someone on your side, clarity over coffee may be just what you need.

What can you ask me?

Well, pretty much anything.

Remember, I’m not your lawyer so I can’t give you legal advice and I can’t give you a second opinion on the advice you’ve been given, so please don’t ask me! 

I can give you legal information, explain things to you again and give you suggestions on where else you might get further advice from if you need it. If you need help finding the right kind of lawyer for you, I can help you do that. Need help with form filling, understanding process and letters from your husband’s solicitor, I can help with that. 

How does it work?

Coaching each week for a minimum of 4 weeks. You purchase a monthly bundle – no long term commitment. 

Clarity over coffee is an introductory monthly fee of £500. You invest 1 month at a time.

How it will help you:

✅ weekly 30 minute calls recorded over Zoom so you can watch and listen over and over

✅ Voxer messaging access (text and voicemail)

✅ 10 minute pep talk in between each call when you need them.

We can talk about whatever’s going on for you. Do you want to leave? What will happen? Emotional support and practical advice. Will your lawyer work this way? No.

Will it give you time to slow down and plan? Yes. Will you get a real experience of how working with me will help you? Yes. Will I discount the £500 if you upgrade to another package and pay in full that month? Yes.

What others say about Clarity over Coffee

You take me down from the ledge every time I call


Talking with you calms me. I regain perspective


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